About Me

This is the personal tech blog of Joshua Barczak.  

The RSS feed is: http://www.joshbarczak.com/blog/?feed=rss2

All opinions expressed herein are my own personal views and do not reflect the views, positions, policies, desires, or attitudes of anybody else, especially my employer, who shall remain nameless.  My statements on this blog are not shared or sanctioned by anybody in particular (especially my employer).

I plan to use this blog for a variety of different purposes:

  • Educational posts about computer graphics.  I enjoy teaching, and plan to do try and write a few ‘explanatory’ posts about topics I used to struggle with
  • Musing about new ideas.   Describing half-baked or half-investigated ideas for the purpose of sharing, and soliciting feedback
  • Pushing my agenda.  I will occasionally use this site as a soapbox.
  • Publishing results.  I like to tinker and do little experiments on the side, and I might decide to share them.  It’ll encourage me to be more organized about them.

I plan to discuss computer graphics and computer science, generally, but since it’s my site, I’ll write about whatever I darn well feel like.  I’ll attempt to write fairly regularly, but again, it’s my site, so I’ll post whenever I darn well feel like 🙂